Baking challenge

I'm 5 months in on a baking challenge at work.  My team decided this year that it was important to extend ourselves in our whole lives, and to get out of the habit and rut we had created for ourselves. We picked baking as an area that we all needed improvement and the opportunity to stretch ourselves and take a risk - not bake the same old recipes that we knew worked.  Being very organized we started a list - with a theme for each month and a nominated day to 'bring in your baking'.  May was slices.  I baked this - an almond and blackberry tart.

This was super easy to make and I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  

Definitely one that's going to be in the rotation for future baking.  Perfect for an afternoon treat that is sweet but without being sickly sweet.  I think it could also become an late morning fav as well.  With an obligatory coffee of course.

If you've got a fav go to slice I'd love to know.  Share the recipe in the comments below.