go your own way

2014 has been a year of change & challenge, of fun & fear, of trials & travels.  It's been a year that's been insanely busy.  It's been almost a whole year of no blogging - and I feel great.  Yep great - not guilty.  Sometimes you just need to focus on living life, not talking about living life.  And that pretty much sums up what I've been doing in 2014.  If I had to make a list it would read something like this:
  • Work hard in January, really hard.
  • Travel to Spain for a rest.
  • Come back and work even harder.
  • Start looking for a new house - not on the plan for 2014, but a surprise opportunity.
  • Spend every weekend for 12 weeks looking at 14+ houses a day on Saturday.
  • Learn to go to auctions.
  • Learn to kind of hate auctions.
  • Buy a mad house that no-one else sees potential in.
  • Move to mad house in the midst of renos that would only take 4 weeks (still ongoing).
  • Rent the old house out.
  • Work insanely while this is all going on.
  • Have a dog diagnosed with separation anxiety - which explains the 8 hours of howling.
  • Put dog on prozac.
  • Work insanely.
  • Just when it's the busiest time of the year go to Italy for a holiday.
  • Work insanely.
  • Find joy when the prozac kicks in and the household is at peace.
  • Find joy in the move.
  • Realise it's been a hell of a year - with ups and downs but more ups than downs.
  • Work insanely.
  • Christmas.
  • THE END.
Yeah so not much happened in 2014 really - just our whole world changed - for the better.  2015 I'm going to try and catch my breath.  Learn how to be me again.  Breathe deeply.  Walk freely.  Take time for my loved ones.  Take time for me.  I hope I won't neglect my blogging quite so much but I won't apologise if I do.  Life is for living - not just talking about it.

Happy New Year