February flashback

Can you believe it's already March?  I can't.  2014 is going insanely fast.  I've decided to call a bit of a halt and look back on some of the highlight of February before I move on to the fullness that March is bringing with it.

At the beginning of February I was in the second week of holidays in Spain.  A trip to the Guggenheim in Bilbao was one of our highlights.

We enjoyed some fantastic wine and food in San Sebastian and Rioja.

Gaudi made a huge impression on us in Barcelona.  And so did the food & wine.  We definitely over indulged here.  But hey... that's what holidays are for.

I decided it was time to get really motivated on Mondays.  

And all that motivation made me hungry.... for some new recipes for fast food - not the fatty type - the fast to prepare type.

March is proving to be crazy at work.  Lots of local travel but not much opportunity for holidays.  Here's hoping I manage to keep up my regular blogging streak :-)