I've always wanted to make macarons but I've shied away from it because people tell me it's too hard. Well last week I decided to take the plunge. I must admit that this urge came about after grocery shopping and finding that Adriano Zumbo makes a macaron packet mix.  And they had it in my local Woolies.  OMG!

For those of you who don't know who Adriano Zumbo is I say 'shame on you'.  This is the master Patissier.  The man who makes the contestants on Master Chef cry.  The man who can single handedly make you gain 5 pounds and you won't care just by opening up a shop opposite where you work... (Damn you Zumbo! I care.  I care.)  Anyway needless to say I bought the mix.  I didn't make it straight away.  I think his work on Master Chef breaking down contestant after contestant left me feeling a little daunted.  I looked at the box for a whole week before I worked up the courage to try it.  And this is the result.

Beautiful, delicious, salty little biscuits straight from heaven.  Sure it took some time.  Sure it was a little fiddly and delicate.  But friends, I have now sealed the deal and broken through my macaron baking virginity.  Stand back world this girl is hooked.  Next time I might even try making them from scratch.  Anyone got a fool proof recipe?