#funfriday - chocolate cupcakes with a twist

A few weeks ago a friend of mine posted a picture of these ridiculously delicious looking cupcakes.  I can't remember where - it could have been pinterest, it could have been instagram - but they taunted me.  They called out to me.  They had me in lust.  They had me in love.  So last week after I completed the colour run I came home and made my version of them.  

I cheated.  I didn't have all I needed in the cupboard to make the cake from scratch, but I did have a Betty Crockers Chocolate Mud Cake mix.  (Betty is my go to girl for quick treats when I don't have much time - I'll let you borrow that little tip!)  After making the cake mix up, and resisting temptation to tweak the recipe I baked the cupcakes.  Because I baked them as cupcakes and not a full cake the baking time was almost half what was recommended (yay for eating them sooner!).  I scooped out a small piece of cake from the top to make a bowl shape for the Ferrero Rocher to sit.  Before putting it on I iced the cupcakes with chocolate butter frosting - including the hole - and then pushed the Ferrero Rocher in.

The best bit about these cupcakes... not only were they delicious, but there were left over Ferrero Rocher's to enjoy all week :-)

Happy Friday