Simplify, simplify, simplify - aka NO!

As you might have gathered from my recent posts I'm trying to optimize my life.  I'm trying to achieve some sort of balance between work and life, between the things I have to do and the things I want to do, between the things I can do and the things I want to learn how to do.  With any efforts to do this, I usually end up overcomplicating life and making it even fuller than before.  This results in not achieving balance or any of my goals and tends to make me :-(   (Yes that's a Sad Sally face folks).

Fortunately this week I had the chance to have some great conversations that just confirmed things I'm already trying to do.  One was with my colleague Meg.  She was relating about this time in her life where she actively said NO to things for a year.  She said NO to activities and chores she wasn't really interested in.  NO to things that were not something she wanted to do or achieve.  And NO to people who were not people she wanted to prioritize in her life.  The result was that at the end of her time saying NO she had decluttered her life of the things that were not important to her.  She'd created both time and space to just wait and figure out what she did want, and make that a priority.  She found balance and contentment in refining the her values, and desires, and was at piece.

As this is something I struggle to do (too much enthusiasm for life) I thought it would be a unique challenge to try.  I'm going to try and be more aware of the choices I make each day.  To say NO to things that are not important to me (or my very near and dear).  To say NO to the things that won't bring me closer to my goals.  To say NO to the things that have an impact that affects my future in a less than desirable way.  And to say NO without guilt or fear.  To simplify my time and declutter my thoughts.

PS - There is no photo today - I just said NO to myself and my dread of finding one to fit the topic.  (Aren't I off to a good start!)