Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time for tea

I love working from home.  I love being in my trackies and working from the couch with 2 beagles at my feet.  Most of all I love making a well earned pot of tea at 8am knowing that I'm already 2.5 hours in to my work day and kicking butt!

PS - today's tea of choice is Black Rose from T2.  It smells like a spring garden and is a beautiful to look at as it is delicious.

Monday, August 26, 2013

I love Winston Churchill.  I love that he was a flawed man that was able to have a great impact on a nation and the world.  I love that he was realistic about his flaws and didn't hide them or really shy away from them.  I also love the blunt way he communicated many things about life that I know to be true.  

I wouldn't say I'm going from failure to failure at the moment, but I am definitely moving from one iteration of a project and work to another at a rapid pace.  The key thing to focus on is that I am moving forward and I'm doing it with enthusiasm... most of the time.  Keep going, keep iterating, success will come.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Lately life has somewhat gotten the better of me.  I've been sick for around 6 weeks.  Started the busiest period of work in my life. And been trying to navigate the delicate balance of family life & friends, while trying to blog, get through my personal to do list and stay on track for my personal goals.  Sound crazy?  It has been.  Sound overwhelming? It definitely has been.  I don't know that I subscribe to the idea of a balanced life. I'm sure it works for some.  I think those people naturally exist in a slightly more zen state than I do.  That said I'm trying to learn just a little from them, by taking a step back and asking myself - what's the best thing I can be doing right now, in this moment.  The answer is going to change throughout the day, and week, but I'm hoping it will help me to keep on track and keep the main thing... the main thing.