Tuesday, November 27, 2012

are you having fun?

... when you're having fun - or so the saying goes.  It's amazing to me how fast days can go by, especially at this time of the year.  Without realising it November has almost passed completely by and I've barely even scratched the surface of my four things challenge.  It wasn't until I read this quote from Charles Bruxton - brewer, philanthropist, writer and Member of Parliament - that I realised how much time had slipped by this month.

Reflecting back on my four things - stretching, writing, creating and walking - I realised I haven't fully achieved my goals in every area.  I've succeeded the most at walking, and to a lesser degree (about 50%) in creating and writing.  Stretching, sadly, has been almost non-existent outside of my training sessions.  Rather than look on this as failure I'm choosing to reflect back on my results as an indication of where my priorities have laid this month - the things that I have valued - and thus where I have spent my time.  I've had a busy year and I've been really trying to safeguard my health recently so that I can finish the year strong.  My success in spending my time on walking certainly reflects this inner priority, as does my increased craft efforts as they serve as a mental balance for the work I do.

When I start thinking about December and what I want to achieve I want to first stop and evaluate what are my inner priorities right now.  What are the things inside that I know I need to do as opposed to the things I want to do.  If I focus my energy on my needs rather than my wants will I more readily reach my goals because I have a stronger desire to make time?  How to I event begin to know what I need rather than focusing on what I want?  I'm going to spend the rest of this week pondering needs vs wants and set aside some time (make time) on Sunday to reflect on this.  I think if I can align my goals with my needs I'm sure to make time for success.

Monday, November 5, 2012

four things... November

Inspired by Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess posting about focusing on four things I decided to jump on the bandwagon for November and give it a try.  The concept is simple.  You make four simple goals that you commit to following for a short season.  I love the idea and think it can complement other techniques I've tried like weekly checklists from Kikki K, and 21 day challenges.

Anyway in no particular order here's my four simple goals for November.
  • Do a stretch or yoga class twice a week.  I used to be incredibly flexible.  I did some gymnastics as a child and even though I gave it up as a teenager I was still incredibly flexible until my late 20's.  I miss having such a strong awareness of my muscles and body.  I miss the ability to stretch out every kink and ache.  I've been talking about doing this all year and not made the effort to do anything about it so it's time to make a change.
  • Write more - one blog post a week on each blog.  With the heavy travel schedule I've had for work this year I've neglected a lot of things.  One of them being my blogs.  I want to tap into my creative side more and write what's on my mind, and what I've been up to.  It helps me clarify things I'm thinking about and in the case of my wine & craft blogs encourages me to do things I love. 
  • Craft more - make something every week.  I love getting in my craft room or baking something new.  I love the process. I love the way it forces my mind to think in different ways.  I love the buzz that I get from being creative.  It is therapeutic and helps me relax.
  • Walk more - over 10,000 steps a day.  I have a fitbit and I love it.  It helps me keep track of how much I move during the day, and reminds me that I need to get up and move more.  
So that's it.  I could have kept quiet and just written these goals down in a diary, but I find it's helpful to speak them out to someone.  To write them down and post them publicly.  It makes me feel accountable.  It also give you all permission to check in with me along the way and ask me how I'm doing on my four things goals for November.

Wish me luck. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

butt kicking motivation

A while back I shared a pic of some kick-ass shoes on my facebook page with the comment "Sometimes you've just got to wear kick ass shoes - it makes you feel better..."  It got me thinking about all the little things I do in my life to help me - kick butt when I need to, power through monotonous tasks when called to, give me confidence when I'm feeling uncertain and let my brain loose to get creative.  In no particular order here are my current favourite five kick butt motivational tricks at the moment.
  • Kick ass shoes - they make you stand tall, they make your strut, they make you smile when you look down.
  • Music - something with a beat, something motivating, sometimes angry rock chick, at the moment often Lady Ga Ga's Just Dance
  • My favourite pair of jeans - see Kick ass shoes for same reasoning.  These are go to pants that just make me feel good.
  • Manicures... and pedicures - rewards for getting it done and achieving all I've set out to in the week.
  • Running - this one is a great way for me to deal with stress and anger.  I'm not the sort of person who can just let things go, I need to process and vent.  Running is a great way of me doing that rather than letting hubby hear all about it again and again.  
  • Wine - ok this is both a reward and a coping mechanism at times.  Enjoying a nice (and I do mean nice) glass or two of wine after pushing through a challenging tasks is a great reward.  In fact knowing it's at the end of a tough project/day/week it helps me keep my head down and just plow on through the tasks at hand... with my earphones on of course!
Keep on keeping on folks.