about me

I'm Sally.  Well actually it's Sally-Ann.  Sally-Ann Williams if I use my full name.  But no-one every calls me Sally-Ann.  Except my mother.  And usually when I'm in trouble.  It's usually just Sally or Sal.  Even people that have only known me 2 minutes call me that.

I can't really define my self as any one thing, because my life has taken many twists and turns and is constantly changing. This is not the sum of who I am but some of the identities I occasionally claim. I am a professional, a wife, an adventurer, a wanderer, a wine drinker, a coffee snob, a photographer (well in my mind I'm not too shabby), a beach bum, a dog lover (and sometimes cats), a daughter, a sister, a friend (and on occasion a not so good friend), a baker, a crafter, a sometimes runner, and a blogger (well ok a blogger-wanna be).

I blog because I like to... although I'm lazy and don't update it enough.

I blog because I have random thoughts that go through my head at 2am when I can't sleep and I feel that I should share those with you - it's therapeutic.

I blog because I'm usually procrastinating and putting off something else I should be doing!

I'm not great at photography, but I like to pretend I am.  And I'm bound to put too many photos which serve no purpose on this blog.

I daydream a little too much, and wish there was a way make sense of what runs through my brain at times.

I talk a lot and tend to write the same way.

I'm a natural blonde fighting a losing battle with my hairdresser who's determined I should have been born a red head.

I love all things hand crafted and vintage. Things that have been made with care and stand the test of time.

I love wine. Well good wine.  And by good I don't mean expensive, just stuff I like to drink.  I pretend I'm a wine blogger over at agirlandaglass.com

I love coffee.  Definitely only good coffee.  I'm a coffee snob so don't give me any of that brewed coffee crap!

Oh and I really really love champagne - but I'm picky so I should say I really really love good champagne - particularly Ruinart.

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