Favourite reads of the week

I've been hungry this week.  I'm sure it's because I've been busy at work and have missed a few normal meals at dinner.  Whatever the reason I've been obsessed by baking and recipe blogs this week.  Here's my favourites.

  1. Too cute grumpy cat pop cakes from Bakerella.
  2. Butterscotch pudding with salted caramel ganache - who doesn't love salted caramel - from minibaker.  
  3. Nutella sandwich cookies from the talented girls over at a beautiful mess - they amaze me every week.  
  4. Dip dye cupcakes over at Poppy Talk.
  5. And the easiest dessert for one ever... mug desserts from Silly Grrl.  The only problem with mug desserts is there isn't any leftovers ;-)
I don't know about you but I follow a lot of blogs and I never cease to be inspired by the creativity of bloggers from around the world.  They don't know be at all - so they'll never know how grateful I am for their inspiration every day.