Favourite reads of the week

I read a lot of blogs.  I love lifestyle blogs, craft blogs, recipe blogs, design blogs, business blogs, personal blogs - you name it.  I read for inspiration and relaxation.  I read to help transition my brain from work to home mode.  I read to challenge myself.  And I read - because I love reading and blogs are a great short snippet when I'm low on time that still give me my reading fix.  I thought I'd share with you all some great blog posts from my favourite bloggers this week.

1.  On Poppytalk there was a great demo from Rachel at OH NO Rachio on a DIY confetti-style doona cover.  Makes me want to redecorate.  
2.  The Jealous Curator was showcasing some gorgeous ethereal craft from Michelle McKinney.  Makes me feel like floaty summer afternoons where the light is just right in the sky and I'm sleeping under the trees.  
3.  Stephanie Lynn had me drooling and wanting these Salted Caramel Pretzel Chocolate Chip cookies. 
4.  The Cutest Blog on the Block was showcasing some fantastic free fonts - blog makeover time?  I'm tempted.
5.  Guest bloggers Rebecca Thuss & Patrick Farrell demonstrated a beautiful DIY - home made paper flowers on Oh Joy.  

Click through to read their posts & add them to the blogs you follow - you won't regret it.