Once a month I get a little piece of inspiration in the mail.  I never know what it's going to say, and I'm never quite sure when it's going to arrive - but I always enjoy the surprise!  I purchased the "Quote of the Month" from letterGIRL on etsy at the start of the year.  Every month I receive a new hand lettered inspirational quote.  They are always beautifully presented, and have great inspiration - but some months speak a little more closely to my heart that others.  This is definitely one of those months.

Don't you want to leave an impact on the people around you?  To be known for being encouraging and inspiring.  For being thoughtful and loving.  For being kind and creative.  I don't know that I often achieve this, but it is something that I hope I do at least once or twice in my life.  I know I am incredibly grateful and thankful for all those who have left an imprint on my soul.