Today's quote comes from Quote of the Month from letterGIRL on Etsy.  I signed up to received monthly motivational quotes at the end of last year.  It's wonderful to get home after another frantic work trip overseas and receive a little gift of inspiration and motivation in the mail.  You might have noticed that a lot of the quotes that I share are around reminders to slow down and focus on the beauty of life.  This is a personal reminder and challenge for me, to remember to take time to notice the moments in life, not just focus on the end results.  To remember myself and those around me, and put them first, not just what I do.  It's a challenge to be present in the moment every day, but when I find that I am, I am relaxed, I am at peace and I truly am at my most creative, loving best.  Funny then that I have to strive to remember it ;-)