#tgif - happy Friday everyone

I don't know about you but for me it's been a big week.  I'm relying on some rituels to get me through the last official working day of the week.  These are my fab Friday survival tactics.
  1. It's not Friday - it's FUN FRIDAY!  I try and start the day with the goal of it being fun.  Sure there is a ton of work still to be done, but it's Friday, and the weekend is just around the corner.  That's worth celebrating and making fun.  (It's all about mindset and deliberate action folks!)
  2. Start the day how you mean to finish it.  For me that's with a giant mug of coffee.  And at the end of it I'll finish it with a giant glass of wine.  See the correlation?  Giant things.  There's a saying 'go big or go home' - well I think Friday deserves that kind of commitment and attitude.  Go big.  Start well.  Get s**t done.  And then go home (or out) and reward your effort - big time.
  3. Friday is also Fat Friday.  Full disclosure - I am ridiculously spoilt at work.  We have an amazing cafe & micro-kitchens with all the snacks you could want, and 3 meals a day.  Most of the time I try and resist the chocolate, cookies and other crazy yummy stuff.  Friday however is a day for a little letting loose... it's fun Friday after all.  This is the day I start the day with some banana bread, toasted, with nutella.  Do not knock it until you've tried it.  It's kind of like a chocolate dipped banana with breakfast food all rolled into one.  Is it full of calories - YES.  Is it not really good for me - YES.  But does it taste delicious - ummm HELL YES!
Ok so the point of these 3 tips is not to tell you all to do what I do, but it's really to highlight that it's important to go into the day with the right attitude.  Sometimes having a few little rituels helps make it better.  It's gives you permission to behave in a certain way.  It can reward you for achieving your goals.  For me, my Friday survival tactics are really things I look forward to.  I can enjoy them guilt free knowing I've done the hard yards during the week.  They are also rituals that start moving both my mind and body into weekend mode.  I mentally and physically start a slow wind down so that by Saturday I'm feeling great and ready to transition completely to other things.  Creating these fun rituels has helped ease me into my weekends and makes me look forward to Friday.  I really celebrate it.  Especially when I get my banana bread in the cafe at breakfast.