it's personal

I have a blog post all written up and sitting in my drafts just waiting for me to hit the 'publish' button, but I can't do it. You see I wrote it tired... which isn't really a problem as I do a lot of things tired. I also wrote it because it was on my list of posts to write this month... which isn't really a problem because having a plan is a good thing and keeps me on track. The problem is it just felt like work for me. Reading it over I realise that while I believe what I wrote, and that I would stand by it, it just doesn't feel like me. There is something about it that feels a little forced. I promised myself that with this blog I would be authentic. I would only post things  that meant something to me - things that resonate.  Things that are personal. So I've decided to wait.  To not post it. To just wait and see what happens. Maybe I'll rewrite it. Maybe I'll be passionate about it tomorrow and post it. Maybe it will never be published. All of these outcomes are ok as long as I stay true to me and why I'm blogging - it's personal.