What are you doing today?

Lately I've been on the journey of redefining what it is that I want in my life.  I've been reevaluating what it is that I'm working towards, and trying to be conscious of what I'm doing day by day and where it is leading me.  Last week I talked about this process and some of the steps I've been using to help me figure it all out.  This week I'm continuing the journey but focusing on how you get there.  Answering the question - What do you do when you've finally figured out what you want?  In other words now that you've figured 'it' out, how do you get there?

For me the thing I have to keep on reminding myself is not everything will get me where I want to be and not everything will get me there at the same pace.  There are lots of things I can do, but only a few things I probably should do in order to achieve my goals.  It's all about focus.  Focusing on what is important.  What things, if I do them and do them well, will take me towards my goals in leaps and bounds, rather than spending hours doing the small 'busy' things that take me there at a snails pace.  So here's the 3 things I find myself reflecting on day by day, goal by goal and project by project.

Figure out what is important.  There are lots of choices and actions that will help you get where you want to go, but not all of them will have the same results.  For example I love to teach people to make cards.  It's a hobby of mine.  If I teach people in my home I can only fit 8 around the table.  It's great & and a lot of fun, but it doesn't scale and I want to share with more people.  This year I've set myself a goal of encouraging more people to join my hobby so I've redesigned my blog and added a section called #techniquethursday so I can share my knowledge with more people.  As I have a lot more readers on my blog I'm able to share with a much bigger audience.  I'll still keep up the classes, but I'm spending more time on the blog so I can encourage more people.

Do what's important.  Once you've figured out what's important you have to do it.  Often you have to do it again and again.  Knowing what you need to do doesn't automatically translate to doing it.  You have to make the effort and be consistent.  If you're trying to loose weight or train for an event you have to be consistent with your diet and exercise.  You can't just do things one day and not the next.  You have to keep on doing it day by day.

Don't do everything.  This may seem contradictory to what I just said but bear with me.  When we start out on a new goal or project we are often filled with early stage enthusiasm and there can be a tendency to try and do as much as possible to achieve it.  The thing about that is you often get caught up doing the insignificant things rather than investing time in just the important things.  It can be hard to say no to activity that aligns with your goals, but your time is limited.  There is only 24 hours in a day and for those hours you are awake wouldn't you rather be doing the important things rather than the busy things?  For me that has meant learning to say no and prioritizing my time.  It means evaluating the returns of what you are doing and investing in the things that are significant, rather than the things that are limited.

By no means are these the only things I'm doing to reach my goals in life, but they are the questions I try and keep at the forefront of my mind.  I have a tendency to be busy, to say yes and to do a lot.  So it's important for me to continually ask myself the question - is what I'm doing right now the most important thing I could be doing?