four things... November

Inspired by Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess posting about focusing on four things I decided to jump on the bandwagon for November and give it a try.  The concept is simple.  You make four simple goals that you commit to following for a short season.  I love the idea and think it can complement other techniques I've tried like weekly checklists from Kikki K, and 21 day challenges.

Anyway in no particular order here's my four simple goals for November.
  • Do a stretch or yoga class twice a week.  I used to be incredibly flexible.  I did some gymnastics as a child and even though I gave it up as a teenager I was still incredibly flexible until my late 20's.  I miss having such a strong awareness of my muscles and body.  I miss the ability to stretch out every kink and ache.  I've been talking about doing this all year and not made the effort to do anything about it so it's time to make a change.
  • Write more - one blog post a week on each blog.  With the heavy travel schedule I've had for work this year I've neglected a lot of things.  One of them being my blogs.  I want to tap into my creative side more and write what's on my mind, and what I've been up to.  It helps me clarify things I'm thinking about and in the case of my wine & craft blogs encourages me to do things I love. 
  • Craft more - make something every week.  I love getting in my craft room or baking something new.  I love the process. I love the way it forces my mind to think in different ways.  I love the buzz that I get from being creative.  It is therapeutic and helps me relax.
  • Walk more - over 10,000 steps a day.  I have a fitbit and I love it.  It helps me keep track of how much I move during the day, and reminds me that I need to get up and move more.  
So that's it.  I could have kept quiet and just written these goals down in a diary, but I find it's helpful to speak them out to someone.  To write them down and post them publicly.  It makes me feel accountable.  It also give you all permission to check in with me along the way and ask me how I'm doing on my four things goals for November.

Wish me luck.