butt kicking motivation

A while back I shared a pic of some kick-ass shoes on my facebook page with the comment "Sometimes you've just got to wear kick ass shoes - it makes you feel better..."  It got me thinking about all the little things I do in my life to help me - kick butt when I need to, power through monotonous tasks when called to, give me confidence when I'm feeling uncertain and let my brain loose to get creative.  In no particular order here are my current favourite five kick butt motivational tricks at the moment.
  • Kick ass shoes - they make you stand tall, they make your strut, they make you smile when you look down.
  • Music - something with a beat, something motivating, sometimes angry rock chick, at the moment often Lady Ga Ga's Just Dance
  • My favourite pair of jeans - see Kick ass shoes for same reasoning.  These are go to pants that just make me feel good.
  • Manicures... and pedicures - rewards for getting it done and achieving all I've set out to in the week.
  • Running - this one is a great way for me to deal with stress and anger.  I'm not the sort of person who can just let things go, I need to process and vent.  Running is a great way of me doing that rather than letting hubby hear all about it again and again.  
  • Wine - ok this is both a reward and a coping mechanism at times.  Enjoying a nice (and I do mean nice) glass or two of wine after pushing through a challenging tasks is a great reward.  In fact knowing it's at the end of a tough project/day/week it helps me keep my head down and just plow on through the tasks at hand... with my earphones on of course!
Keep on keeping on folks.