help willingly

Love love love creativity combined with generosity.  I stumbled across this today and just had to share.

by The Indigo Bunting
Erin Jang created this for charity.  The first 100 people to donate $100 to cancer research through her blog will receive one.  What I love so much about this is that someone was moved enough by life's circumstances (cancer & sickness) to use their gifts (design) to help make a difference (research.)  So often we look at challenges and problems and sympathise with them, but we don't always progress to the next step of asking what can we do to help.  

For more inspiration I've included the animated link from one of my favourite bloggers below - Oh Joy.    She shared this yesterday and I've been inspired by it ever since.  I love her blog for the sheer joy she finds every day in life, and how she is able to share that with others.  If you don't follow her - you should!
by 'Oh Joy'
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