My weeks in instagram

I've been a little remiss lately in taking many photos and sharing them on instagram.  Life is full and I've been prioritizing time with people and being present rather than focusing on capturing the moments.  There's pros and cons on both sides of this, but on a positive note I've had some fantastic conversations with people who have just shared of themselves, their lives, and their wisdom.  The are ideas, and challenges swirling around my brain that I'm just letting percolate for the moment with the hope that the important ones will take root and develop, and the 'nice to haves' will just drift away.  Life is sometimes like that.  Things get busy and we can fall into the trap of trying to do everything, rather than just the important things.  The things that have meaning.  The things that have impact.  The things that matter to us, and those around us.

PS - here's some instagram pics from life over the last few weeks.