21 day challenges galore

I've posted about 21 day challenges before.  In fact the early days of this blog were all about a 21 day challenge I set about trying to get into a regular blogging routine.  The concept is pretty simple.  You focus on a change in your life that you want to make, and commit to making that change every day for 21 days.  At the end of that time you've hopefully made lasting change in your life and either,  created a new habit or behaviour, or given up an old one.

Sadly 21 day challenges don't always last beyond the initial 21 days.  Often after 21 days you give up the mindful behaviour you've been following and slip back into bad habits. Nevertheless I've found that while I don't always have the same level of commitment after 21 days, I have moved myself further along the path I've been trying to achieve.  And if I keep persisting eventually that habit or behaviour grows into the fulness of what I'm trying to achieve.

Recently I came across this great notebook from Kiki.K which helps you list out your habits and tick them off day by day.  I've been doing this for a week now and am beginning to be able to identify patterns of both success and failure.  Now that I'm becoming more aware I'm trying to adjust underlying behaviour to help me succeed in the goals I have listed.

What do you do to help you create a new habit or break an old one?