Just do it!

Are you anything like me?  Starting the new year out with the best of intentions.  Creating long, deliberate, well thought out lists of things you want to change or integrate into your life and then changing your behaviour or carving out time to achieve them.  Going strong for a few weeks, perhaps even a few months, only to hit the middle of the year and realise that some of your best intentions have been left behind in the complicated clutter that is your life?  No!  That's fantastic - it's just me then :-)

Last year I wrote a long and ambitious list about things I wanted to focus on in 2012.  Because I wanted to be accountable I blogged about it (possibly with the secret hope that no-one would actually read my blog and keep me accountable), and started off on track to make some changes.  See you forgot all about my list didn't you?  I would have gotten away with it, were it not for one little thing - I have a little 'issue' with high expectations of myself (but more about that another day!).

Anyway, as an exercise in keeping me honest and accountable to myself, and the world, I'm going to take this moment to pause and reflect on how I'm doing.  To give an honest account and assessment on where I'm up to... and quite possibly some spectacular excuses on why I can't tick everything off on the list.  Are you ready for this?  It could get messy... or in the very least entertaining.  Here's my mid-year score card... not that we're keeping score - right?

  • Learn to crochet & make something.  - D - While I've looked at some patterns online, thought about buying a book and even subscribed to a blog about knitting and crochet - The Purl Bee -(just for the pretty pictures) I haven't actually made a start on this one at all.    If thinking it was worthy of a score I'd give myself a B.
  • Make a card a week & post it to someone. - D+ - I've made a few cards, and even given a few a way, but I definitely haven't succeeded in developing a habit of sending cards.  More effort needed.  On the other hand I do have about 50 cards sitting in a box that I could send.  Im pretty sure I've even thought about sending some... it's the thought that counts right?
  • Take more photos.  Specifically make sure I shoot some photos once a month (at least).  - B - for effort. I've taken a few photos on my DSLR, but have really progressed on getting into photography through taking part in a facebook challenge and also signing up for instagram.  Room for improvement :-)  Sadly there is little to no room on my walls for any amazing masterpieces I create.
  • Take more days off.  And don't check my email while doing so. - C - Statistically I might have taken a few more days off than this time last year, but I don't think the numbers really show incremental improvement in this area.  This is definitely something I still need to work on.  I should have written this in a Monday so I could have said... starting right now!
  • Walk more - C - I don't really have metrics on this so it's hard to know.  Now that I have a fitbit I know I definitely don't walk as much in winter bbbbbbbrrrrrrr.  
  • Laugh more  - C - I have no idea how to measure this or even what I hoped to achieve by writing it down.  I'm not planning on joining a laughing club so I think this one is best left alone.  
  • Get at least 1 more certification in diving. - A+ - Yay for me.  We went diving in Sri Lanka and I completed my PADI Advanced Open Water Certificate.  Woot!  Oh and I even did a night dive.  
  • Take an online course in a subject that interests me.  - B- -  Yay for being vague.  This one is open to interpretation.  I've completed a few online courses that are work related which is great for my own personal development, but I'd really like to complete something in a more creative area in the second part of the year.  
  • Take 2 holidays.... (bold move for me!) - C+ - I've had a brief holiday, and have another few days booked in September.  I really need to try and find a week I can decompress at home and just catch up on me.  Let's see if I can find space in the second half of the year.
  • Get regular massages - F - If by regular you mean just one a year then I deserve an A+.  When the barrier to entry is so low (we have massage available at work) I really have no excuses.
  • Start sewing again - make a dress (or two). - D - I have procured the sewing machine, and some cute fabric from Japan.  I even have some cotton and some needles.  Sadly I have not achieved the status of sewer because I am yet to sew anything.  Ideas count for something though which is why this isn't an F.
  • Discover at least 1 new wine per month.  Not just new releases, but wines from makes and areas I'm less familiar with. - A - Achievement unlocked.  I've definitely been making very good headway in this one :-)  Sadly my blogging about said wines has not quite kept up.  
  • Cook more gourmet dinners and invite people over to eat them. - D - Does it count if hubby cooked them?  I definitely need to be more deliberate about my social life.  I've been out for some fantastic dinners with friends if that counts.... maybe a C+?
  • Blog consistently and figure out what I really want to blog about. - C- - I've blogged more this year on some of my other blogs.  I've also put a lot of thought into what I want this to be.  The trouble is I still need to apply it.  Room for improvement.  Room for action.
  • Run more.  - C+ -  Again I have no consistent data.  I've definitely gotten more runs in and have increased my distance back up to 5km, but I had some ambitious goals which I still need to work on.  
  • Ride my bike more.  - D - I don't think I've gone for a ride all year.  Eep.  Better buy hubby a bike so we can ride together.  That will fix things right?
  • Hang out with my friends a LOT more. - C - I still struggle with taking time out for my personal life.  On the positive side I have some made some fantastic, life long friends at work :-)
  • Do something I've never done before.  - A+ - I'm sure I've done something new this year.  What was I thinking writing this?  I wish I had been bold enough to just write it down....
  • ...... to be continued. - D - I haven't added to the list, which considering it's length is probably just as well.  
Looking at my list there are more successes than failures.  There are some things I can cross off my list as achieved and quite a few that have areas I need to keep plugging away at.   To be honest it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  The challenge facing me today is what am I going to do about it in the second half of the year.... but that's a post for another day.