I don't have time...

I don't have time... they are four little words that annoy me.  They frustrate me.  They make my toes curl and my shoulders go up somewhere around my ears.  It's not the words per se that annoy me but it is the lie that is behind them.  Because unless you have minutes to live it's simply not true.

Now before someone bites my head off and thinks that this is going to be a lecture that makes them feel guilty for not doing more, or achieving everything on a long list in a busy day - it's not.  Rest assured I don't want this to be something that burdens you, but rather something that frees you to really understand the gift of time in your life and to use it wisely.

You see the truth is when we use those four little words and say 'I don't have time' we actually don't mean that we don't have enough time to do whatever it is we've been invited or asked to.  Actually what it means is that we have gone through a quick process and prioritized the current invitation/request against something we already have planned and we've decided that the original plans/obligations are more important.  If we'd been asked to do something that was truly significant and important to our hearts and minds we wouldn't respond 'I don't have time'... we'd respond 'I'll make time.'

Now some of your may be disagreeing with me.  You'll be thinking - 'but if I have something else scheduled that really means I don't have time'.  Not true.  It's all about the priorities you are setting in your life each day.  If you truly wanted to do it, you would find time or make time to say yes.  Now we can't actually make time, since time itself just ticks on of its own accord and doesn't stop or slow down for anyone.  However what we do do is reprioritize our life and squeeze in the things that we value most into our days.

So lets stop saying 'I don't have time' and change it to something more meaningful.... 'Thank you for the opportunity, unfortunately I have something else happening and I won't be able to make it.'  Or perhaps the more bold ' You know that sounds really interesting.  I bet there is a lot of people who would be interested, but given the limited time I have I really need to prioritize for [insert what is dear to your heart that you will be doing].'  With the fixed time we all have lets choose wisely and spend it doing things we love and value.


  1. Thanks for the opportunity to read your blog post, but unfortunately I am eating dark cocoa and orange chocolate while sipping a nice long black so won't be able to at this time : )

    1. ha ha ha... You've definitely got your priorities right.


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