This time it's personal.

I read a wonderful quote in the 'Now is the Time' book I mentioned in my post on January 16.  It goes like this:

Write a personal note

Don't type it,
write it in your own hand.  
It shows you really care
It's an authentic gift in this digital world,
a personal keepsake of kindness.
It will leave a lasting impression.

I love this quote.  I love it because it sums up why I make my own cards.  I don't always have a lot to say in them (although you wouldn't know that as I keep babbling on on this blog), but I do have a lot I want to convey by their creation and giving.  I want the recipients to know I cherish them.  I want them to know that I have made an effort to create something just for them.  I want them to feel that they are special.  I want them to know that they are unique, just like the card I make for them.

Now I want to take it to the next level - to match my words with my card.  To write to more people and tell them what they mean to me.  To share the joy of our friendship in a meaningful way while I can.  Life can be short, and sometimes very challenging.  This is one way I can make my connections with those around me more meaningful.

Let me challenge you today to write a card to a loved one.  A gift of words for no reason, other than to tell them how you feel.  As Emily Dickinson says 'A letter is a joy of earth - it is denied to the Gods'.