February funk?

Wow I can't believe it's already February.  The older I get, the faster that time seems to go.  It's funny how it works.  At age 10 you can't wait to be 15, at 15 you long to be 25, at 25 well it's time for some reflection, but for me at least life started to be fabulous.  At 30 I wondered were the last 5 years went.  And here I am today wondering what happened to New Years Eve.  Surely that was yesterday?!?

Realising it's already February has made me start to wonder where have all my New Years resolutions gone.  I started out so well.  So strong. With lists and plans of how small changes were going to make my life better - more efficient and more time for me.  Well as all good plans go there's had to be some compromise.  Sometimes you just can't keep up with the pace you set yourself.  Sometimes you need to pause and take a break.  And sometimes you need to let things go.  I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the last one as I'd prefer to achieve every goal I set, but I'm slowly realising that it is possible to overstretch yourself sometimes.  And it's ok to step back and bring you goals a little nearer.  That said I'm determined that this is not going to be a February funk so I'm going to go back over my lists, my plans, my dreams for 2012 and start working away at them again.  Maybe I'll only be strong 3 weeks out of the month and the last week will be for fun and frivolity - but that's 3 weeks that will take me closer to my goals.  3 weeks that will push me towards my dreams.  And 3 weeks that will benefit me.

What about you?  How are your resolutions going?

PS - That picture is of my dream box.  A time capsule I've created for 2012.  Read more about it here.