Where's Sally?

Well right here of course... but I have been away for  few weeks.  I was fortunate to have to travel to Japan for work, and took the opportunity to indulge in a little holiday afterwards and revisit the places I used to live near & share them with my hubby.

I just glanced at my last blog post and it's amazing to see the progress I've made on my list of things I want to work on.  Without trying I've already done the following:

  • Take more photos.  Japan was the perfect opportunity and I took plenty as the leaves were changing and simply stunning.
  • Take more days off.  I had a holiday.  And I only responded to about 3 emails :-)
  • Walk more.  We walked everywhere.
  • Take 2 holidays. 1 down but I'm going to be bold and make this 3 :-)
  • Start sewing again - make a dress (or two).  Ok so I haven't started this, but I did buy 3 lovely lots of fabric in Japan... so I'm on my way
  • Discover at least 1 new wine per month.  Not just new releases, but wines from makes and areas I'm less familiar with.  I just hung out on the Chapel Hill Winery hangout on Google+.  I can't wait to try their Bishop Shiraz.
  • Do something I've never done before.  I climbed a mountain... ok a big hill called a mountain that I haven't climbed before.
Even I'm impressed by the start I've made.  And I didn't even have to try.  Perhaps there is something to this idea that if you write something down and share it with the world (or just one other person), you're more likely to achieve it.  I don't know - but I'm interested to see how I go on progressing my list.