Sometimes in the busyness of life we lose of what's important to us.  It's easy to get caught up in the things that just have to be done - the work, the chores, the family obligations.  Soon you become all about the task, and lose sight of the things you were building your life around. When it gets like this I've found mementos are important things to surround myself.  Visual reminders of decisions, or values in my life that I strive to keep at the centre of who I am and what I do.  Things that make you pause and question - is what I'm doing right now really that important?  Is it something that is at the core of who I am and who I want to be?

Right now my life is full of busyness and I'm finding myself falling victim to the task at hand and becoming consumed by it.  So today I'm surrounding myself with mementos to remind myself of who I am and what I value.  And more importantly to remind me to stop, and breathe, and be the person I want to be, not the situation I'm in.  Today I'm wearing my favourite memento (see pic).

It's something I bought in New York this year, at Tiffany.  Neither of those two facts are what makes this so special to me though.  What makes this memento special is that it's a scooter.  A Vespa.  It makes me think of Italy.  It reminds me of my travels there and the thing I loved about it the most.  It wasn't the food - although that was incredible.  It wasn't the scenery, or sites - although they were magnificent.  It wasn't the people per se - although they were fabulous.  It was the way they walked through life, embracing the moment they were in.  When they were having coffee at the bar, they were doing just that.  When they were talking with neighbours, it was just that.  There was no checking the watch, looking at email or multi-tasking in other ways.  It was focused attention on the here and now.

So today I'm wearing my memento around my neck reminding me to stop and breathe.  The busyness of life is temporary, and the moments I have now, today are just that - moments which won't be repeated.  I don't want to miss them!