Things puppies can teach us

On my way to work this morning we passed this gorgeous puppy being walked by it's owner.  It was leaping about all over the place, with kind of a manic grin on it's face, tail going 100 miles an hour, head going from side to side as it tried to take in every sight, sound and smell around it.  While my heart was filled with joy seeing this (who doesn't love a puppy?), I did stop and think about whether there was something I should take away from this moment... so here it is.

Why we should be more like puppies.
  • Puppies are enthusiastic about everything - grass, sky, flowers, people, balls, posts, sticks, dirt.  You name it and they are excited by it.  They don't see it as everyday items or life, but as an experience to get excited about.  We could learn a bit from them and be enthusiastic about our everyday life too.
  • Puppies are content with whatever is happening right now.  If they are being walked - it's the best thing ever.  If they are playing - it's ridiculously exciting.  If they are eating - it's the best food they've ever tasted.  If they are sleeping - they are resting peacefully because they've had such an exciting day.   What would life be like if we decided to embrace the moment we were in (no matter what is is) and give it every thing we've got?
  • Puppies make others smile.  They are silly and they are not ashamed.  They do goofy things because they are too caught up in the moment and having fun.  They make us smile because they are enjoying their lives to the full.  I wonderf if I could enjoy life so much that it would bring a smile to someone else's face?
  • Puppies are just a furry ball of love.  They love people unconditionally.  It's the best part of their day (several times a day) just by being with people (and other puppies).  They are affectionate, loyal, and compassionate.  Definitely traits we could learn from
Ok that's it.  It's not an exhaustive list, but one that just got me thinking this morning.  Can I live my life with more joy, more abandonment, more playfulness, more contentedness?  Can I bring something of these traits into my everyday?  I'm not sure but I'd certainly like to think so.

PS: These puppies... well they are some of my dogs litters.  All terribly cute and beautiful little balls of fur.