Dive day divine!

Yesterday was awesome.  Yesterday I fulfilled a long held ambition to get my open water diving certificate.  Now before you all ask why I haven't done it earlier, it's not because of fear or anything like that.  Its more because I've never had the time to commit to the training programs I've found on offer.  Or in my student days I couldn't divert my funds towards it as they were otherwise committed.

I wrote about my pool training a few weeks ago and the anticipation I had about what it would be like.  It was about what I expected.  Unfortunately my first ocean dive on return from India was not quite what I anticipated.  The water was about 14-15 degrees and I turned blue after my first dive.  Sadly as I remained blue after 1.5 hours out of the water that was the end of my dive day.  I was cold, slightly miserable and extremely doubtful if I was going to enjoy diving.  In fact you could say I was anxious that it was not going to be the amazing experience I'd always dreamt of.

Fortunately yesterday salvaged my dreams and met my expectations.  The day was blissfully cloud free, warm and the water temperature much more bearable at 18 degrees.  I was lucky enough to be completing the course on my own and able to finish most of my skills training on the first dive.  This meant I was able to enjoy 2 recreational dives, and just enjoy the experience.  It was magical.  It was beautiful.  It was an experience that I think is going to cost me in the future as I have a new way to spend my money :-)

If you haven't tried diving and get the chance to - do it.  Find someone patient and gentle who can teach & encourage you.  You won't regret it.


  1. I can't wait til our first dive together... and then one day we'll have that one magical, serene moment underwater, where everything ever bugging you just floats away... you'll see :D

  2. As long as you don't make me laugh underwater. I choke! :-p


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