Day 20 - 21 Day Challenge. The joy of people

I've had the pleasure of working with a small group of people over the last few days to help them develop their presentation & facilitation skills.  I love it when the opportunity to do this sort of work arises, because one of my favourite things in the world is working with people.  I love seeing someone rise to the occasion and challenge themselves to improve in their skills.  I love when you see someone take on board feedback, repeat an exercise and improve in dramatic ways.  I love the confidence that it gives them.  I love seeing them stand a little taller at the end of the day.  I love seeing them enjoy what they do.  I love hearing them say that they are looking forward to putting their skills into practice right away.  In short, it's a joy and a privilege I wouldn't trade for anything.

It does make me think though. How can I use encouragement today, tomorrow, next week to bring out the best in someone?  What can I say or do to make them shine?  What role can I play in someone else's success?  I've been reminded today that in helping people shine in what they do, I also shine.  If they succeed, I succeed even more so.  Helping someone else achieve their goals has greater impact than me doing it for them, and encourages them to do the same for others.

I hope I can retain this feeling that I have right now and take it into tomorrow and next week.  If you're part of my daily life I give you permission to check in on me in a week's time and ask me how I have helped someone else to shine.