Day 2 - 21 Day Challenge - I love serendipity

Serendipity - when someone finds something they weren't expecting to find.  (At least that's what wikipedia says it means - and we all know that's the source of truth!).  It may not be the best definition of the word but it sums up what I found yesterday.

After blogging about starting my first 21 day challenge to blog everyday I made a cup of tea and went to peruse some blog posts in reader.  A lot of the blogs I follow, I follow because there is something in the authors lifestyle or outlook on life that I like.  Some are crafty, some are design orientated, there are a lot of photo blogs.  Mostly though it's people who I perceive to be living life in the moment.  Embracing the now.  Loving and living in the moment they are in.  This is something I struggle to do sometimes, and I love the inspiration that comes from those who seemingly do it effortlessly.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw a post from one of my favourite bloggers - Elise, from Red Velvet on her 5 tips for staying inspired.  Yay.  This was written just for me.  And just in time.  Now that's got to be serendipity!

Elise's 5 tips really resonated with me.  You can read her full blog post here - but for brevity's sake they are:
  • Carry a journal
  • Find a new muse
  • Develop a creative play list
  • Refresh your workspace
  • Prove yourself wrong
While they were all pertinent in my life right now, the last one particularly struck me on day 1 of my challenge - to prove myself wrong.  I've already started this challenge with scepticism and doubt on my ability to finish it.  I've looked at everything that is coming up in my life in the next few weeks and already anticipated the challenges and the probability of failure.  In essence I'm setting myself up to not succeed.  Not a great start to change!

After reading this I've determined that I'm going to prove myself wrong.  I'm not going to prepare blog posts in advance.  I'm  not going to give up if it's hard because I'm busy and working or traveling.  I'm going to trust that by setting this goal for myself, and not having a plan that life itself will provide the inspiration and that I'll be able to complete it. After all whether I blog everyday or not really doesn't matter.  If anyone reads this or not is not significant.  What matters is whether or not I am capable of making small, incremental changes in my life through 21 day challenges.  If I succeed at this round - who knows what I could do next.

So who's with me?  I'd love some company on my 21 day challenge.

Oh - and because I think blogs should have photos if at all possible - the photos I've included today are some of my favourite things.


  1. Nice pictures Sally, I'm sure you'll have something to say every day :)

  2. Thanks. I've always got something to say - it's just not necessarily interesting to anyone else ;-)


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