Day 18 - 21 Day Challenge. My most valuable asset

As I mentioned yesterday I really want to spend some time reflecting on life, and what I'm putting in, and getting out of it.  In the message I heard yesterday the first point was that time itself was the most valuable asset I possess.  In thinking about this, I cannot help but see how I squander time in some areas of my life.    I don't mean that I do things aren't valuable and waste time on having fun, but I sometimes get trapped into a way of thinking that every moment of every day must be significant and meaningful, and thus make the process of life more complicated than it need be.

I am questioning some of the ways I spend my time - TV for example is not really doing anything for me or anyone around me - except giving me a mental time out.  I don't necessarily want to trade that for activities of a more 'noble' nature, but I do want to look at how I'm spending my days and make sure that I am filling them with activities that are important to me.  Things that reflect the kind of person I am, and the one I aspire to be.  Things that are good for me (and those around me) - body, soul and spirit.  Things that bring me joy and happiness.  Things that enrich my life and that of my loved ones.  What are those things?  Many are simple.  Coffee with girlfriends and catching up on their life.  Walking the dogs with my hubby and spending quality time together.  Preparing healthy meals so we feel great.  Working out to work my body and my mind.

I think there are many things I probably need to reduce in my life, and other areas where there needs to be an increase in the time I spend.  It's a balance, but I want to be more mindful of what I'm doing.  Making conscious decisions which bring benefits - body, mind and spirit.

PS - I'm in India, sleep deprived and wired on caffeine so I'll be trying not to make any life changing decisions this week as I ponder where I'm spending my time.

Oh and that photo? It was taken in Munich.  It's in this post because it has a clock in it and the subject is time.... vague association I know.  


  1. Time went ballistically fast over the weekend. We had Georgia's first birthday. Your Mum and Dad made it up for the BBQ. Fun day. Time disappeared. I find myself at the beginning of another week, wishing that the week days would go fast instead of the weekend.


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