Day 17 - 21 Day Challenge. The challenge of time.

I write this from the airport as I'm heading overseas for another business trip.  I heard a great message this morning which I just wanted to share with you - as it really resonated with me.  So it's a bit of a cheat as they aren't my thoughts - but they are just too valuable not to share.

5 ways to 'make the most' of every opportunity.

  • Recognize that time if your most valuable asset.  There is a fixed amount every day and whether you are rich or poor you are given the same amount.
  • You can't manage time so manage opportunities.  
  • You can't do everything.  
  • Decide what's important.  Determine what is on your TO DO list and what is on your NOT TO DO list.
  • Do them daily (the important things).  Make those things that are important to you (the things you value) part of your everyday life.
This really spoke to me as I live such a busy life and am constantly striving for balance in what I do, who I do it with, and how I do it.  There is too much in this for me to fully digest it all today so I know that I have to spend some time this week pondering time in my life and how I'm using it.