Day 15 - 21 Day Challenge. My happy place

Today I'm happy.  Not because of anything wonderful in my life.  Not because I've worked my way through my incredibly long task list at work (I'm not even close).  Not because anything special is happening right now.  Not because I have chocolate (I don't).  Not because I'm drinking coffee (I'm not right now).  Not because of any particular reason.  Today I'm happy because I choose to be.

My mood can be affected by so many different external influences.  Today I'm turning that around and influencing it back.  I'm happy because I choose to be.  I'm happy because I'm working from home and I just got to spend 5 minutes outside in the sunshine with my dogs.  Sammy lept into my lap and gave me the most beautiful cuddle.  Leo lounged around my feet until I gave him a doggy back rub that left him asleep - and me covered with fur.  I'm about to go make coffee and get on with work - and I'm happy about it - because I choose to be.

Oh and there's sunshine on my window, which makes me happy, like I should be.

PS.  I'm off to India this weekend so here's hoping my posts will be spiced up in my final week of my 21 day challenge :-)  And this pic?  It makes me happy!