Day 13 - 21 Day Challenge. It's time for Pomodoro!

Ever get the feeling that you're drowning in work and you just can't seem to get things started?  I know that feeling all too well.  I just keep saying yes to interesting projects at work, and in my private life, and end up with just a little too much on my plate.  I think this sensation of being overwhelmed with work was definitely impacting my posts the last few days - not to mention my mood!

Today is a new day.  And as the cheesy Billy Ocean song says When the going gets tough.....the tough get going.  It's time for me to bring out the big guns.  Actually I lie.  I did this yesterday as I was feeling more than a little overwhelmed.  To help me start getting through my long list of projects & to do's I'm employing the Pomodoro technique.  The Pomodoro technique is designed to help you get the most out of time management.  Simply choose a task, set a time for 25 minutes, and work on that task for 25 minutes straight.  No distractions.  No checking email, Google+, blogs, Twitter or Facebook.  At the end of 25 minutes you can spend 5 minutes on something else.  After 4 Pomodoro rounds have a longer break.

Now I know this won't work for everyone.  Some tasks require more time.  Some people are in roles where there are interrupts.  For me the psychological effect of knowing I only have to commit 25 minutes to the task really helps me plough through it.  It also lets me see a significant amount that I've achieved at the end of 25 minutes.  It's not perfect.  And I'm certainly no expert.  It is giving me a sense of some control over my life today - and for that I'm grateful.

Pomodoro on!

PS: The photo?  It's random.  Just a funky teapot at the Kempinski hotel in Munich.  It reminds me not everything is as it seems.