Day 12 - 21 Day Challenge - It's the little things!

I have a love-hate relationship with surprises.  I hate surprises on my birthday & big flashy surprises.  I love little meaningful surprises, like a card from a friend, a nice email, or a surprise on my desk.  I love how sometimes the smallest surprises in the world can impact and lift your mood.

Take today for instance.  I was feeling weary and not at all inspired. I'd been putting off starting this post by going to make another cup of coffee or tea.  My surprise this morning was finding my favourite tea from T2 - French Earl Grey - in the kitchen.  I quickly moved from surprise to delight and happiness as I prepared my cup and came back to my desk.  It's amazing how this little, unplanned surprise just brightened my day.

This got me thinking about how much things around us can affect our mood - well for me at least.  An unexpected sunny day lifts my spirits.  A favourite tune on the radio can give me energy.  Finding my favourite tea in the kitchen at work - joy.  All these things are happy accidents that work as a mood changer in my life.  What I want to know is can I change the circumstances, or add things into my routine, to deliberately and consciously change my mood to suit the task at hand.  I know I often use music as a distraction from boring tasks, but is there something greater that I can do to affect my productivity and mood.

It's definitely got me thinking about my day and how much I have to achieve today (and this week).  I'm wondering if I make a conscious decision to plan some 'mood lifting moments' throughout my day - will it help with my productivity?  Can I make plan moments that will have the same affect as that unplanned surprise?

Who knows.  We'll see what happens.