Day 11 - 21 Day Challenge. Monday-itis

Well its Monday and I can't say I'm that excited.  Seems like lazy Sunday wasn't really the reason I was struggling to blog yesterday.  I think I've hit a wall with this challenge.  This is pretty much right on time.  Any other life style change or challenge I've tried in the past I usually have a sense of euphoria and ease right before the rubber hits the road and it gets tough.  Usually this is where I say to myself - well one day off won't hurt.  After all I've been so successful up until this point.  

This time though I'm determined to stick it out.  Even if it's only to test the validity of that statement - 21 days to make or break a habit.  The question is - what do you do when you're lacking motivation, and stuck doing the task you've set yourself?  How do you push through and make it happen.  What do you do to get through the boring, tough bits and ensure you create new habits in your life?

For me I've tried the following this morning before writing this:

  • painting my nails a pretty colour (to make me feel good)
  • procrastinating over breakfast
  • procrastinating some more over tea
  • finding someone to talk to for even more procrastination
  • reminding myself of an even more dreaded task I have to do today (to minimize the challenge of blogging)
  • and listening to music.
None of them have particularly worked on their own, however in combination they have resulted in me here posting this.  

Hopefully tomorrow the challenge will have passed and I'll be back on track delighting in the ease of 21 day challenges.


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