Day 10 - 21 Day Challenge. What to say when I've got nothing to say

Some days you just don't have words of wisdom insight.  Today has been one of those days for me.  One of those lazy Sundays where one activity drifts into the next and it all just becomes a lovely big blur.  Perhaps because its the start of spring and the weather is getting warm.  Perhaps its because I'm feeling relaxed.  Perhaps it has a little something to do with last night's late night and the missing hours of sleep I have to go searching for later.

In any case I don't have a particular thought or idea running through my head today.  On one level this doesn't bother me as it's Sunday and I should be relaxing.  On the other hand it does make the commitment to blog somewhat daunting!

So instead of sharing a thought from the day, or something I'm pondering I want to share with you a statement I've been making every day, at least once a day, for the last week... Are you ready for it?  I LOVE spring.  I don't mean like other people say they love it but really they just love the absence of cold.  I mean, I really, really LOVE spring.  I love everything about it.  I love the warm weather.  I love that every garden around me is suddenly a riot of colour. I love that the air smells different to every other time of the year.  I love that it's light earlier in the morning.  I love that it's light later in the evening.  I love the fruits that start coming in to season.  I love the sunshine.  I love the breeze which just tickles you instead of the biting cold of winter.  I love that the birds are louder.  I love that my dogs get up in the morning and go straight to their favourite sunny patch to bask in it for a few hours. I love that I can start wearing sandals and thongs (flip flops for you Ameriacans), I love that my mood just seams to lift as soon as the temperature goes up 4-5 degrees.  I love that we drink light fruity drinks.  I love how strawberry tea tastes better in spring.  Are you getting the picture?  I LOVE spring.

PS.  Leo loves spring too. That's his pimping up for spring look :-)