Things my beagles have taught me

    I'm a dog lover.  I have 2 and they are my fur babies.  It's a little bit pathetic... but they are super cute and very hard to resist.

    They have taught me so much about myself, and challenged me about how I live my life.  Sounds crazy until you consider that their misbehavior has taught me how little patience I have.  Their unconditional love has shown me how much more I can love others.  The ridiculous joy they express each and every time I come through the door has never failed to put a smile on my face, or remind me that the simple things in life are the best.  If you're a dog lover right about now you'll be agreeing with me.  If you're not... well you are missing out.

    Here's a few things my dogs have taught me (in no way is this a complete list & I may add to it further later):
    • If you're enjoying what you do - everyone around you will enjoy it too.  (Apparently chasing each other around the garden bed is the best game ever!)
    • Enjoy your food.  Eat it with relish!  (Even if it's green)
    • Find joy every day.  And find it in the little things.  (A warm patch of sun to sleep, a bone, cuddles, chasing someone - or your own tail)
    • Being loyal has it's own rewards & creates lifetime relationships built on trust and love.
    • Your eyes are the windows to your soul so express yourself through them.  
      • Sad eyes work! Pleading eyes get results.  Loving eyes make the receiver overlook your mistakes on the floor.
    • Don't be afraid to get your hair messed up.  Feeling the wind in it is good for the soul!  It's the moment that you find joy in, not the ability to look perfect.
    • The best moment of every day should be the moment you see your loved one come in the door.
    • Be affectionate with those you love.  It will encourage them to be affectionate with you.
    • Be proud of you who you are.  If you're a beagle - be a beagle.  If your a Labrador - own it.  If your a Chihuahua embrace your petite size. Who you are is good.