Getting started is really hard

It's funny how before I actually start a project I'm super enthusiastic.  You know the time when the project isn't really a project at all.  It's still an idea, a thought, or a whim.  One of those 'wouldn't it be good to...' moments.  I don't know about you but I have a lot of those moments and I'm just a little bit enthusiastic about them.

Take this blog for instance. For weeks I've been wandering round with some fantastic, and dare I say brilliant ideas in my head on what to blog about.  (Ok who am I kidding.  I've had a bunch of random thoughts that seemed brilliant at 2am or after a few wines).  Now that I've actually started,  I'm stuck.  The brilliant (?) ideas are rather like the summer - all gone for now and leaving me with rain and cold muck.  Ok so my brain isn't exactly cold muck, but it's certainly not full of ideas and enthusiasm.

This is a pretty common problem for me.  I'm a great starter.  I love new ideas.  I can see the potential immediately, and can outline all the steps necessary to take you from idea to implementation.  I can sketch up a project plan, list tasks, estimate time and budget all in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.  However when it comes to actually implementing the ideas myself ... well that's another story.  I procrastinate.  I whine.  I drink coffee and sometimes wine.  There can be chocolate involved.  In extreme cases I combine the wine & chocolate in one sitting.  I find other things to do - especially if they look like they might offer more fun.  In the case of my home life I've even been known to paint an entire house to avoid a project.  I clean.  I cook.  I even think up other projects so I can keep myself so busy that I don't have to start the first project.  All a bit silly really because when I actually start I usually feel a little bit of my original enthusiasm returning to help me carry on.

Enthusiasm and motivation are funny things though.  My husband is completely different to me.  He's able to plow through tasks with great determination, and requires very little excitement and motivation.  Being organized, paying the bills, having planned out weekends and holidays warms the cockles of his heart.  (Ok that might be an exaggeration, but he's happy going through life like that).  When I approach the same tasks it's much more like pulling teeth.  I put them off.  I look for ways to avoid them.  I even try and add an incentive to the task to motivate me to do it.  For example champagne while doing expense reports is a faithful fallback solution.

The thing is, when I actually make a start on the task or project that I've been putting off it's never as bad or torturous as I've made it out to be in my mind.  And it usually takes much less time to complete than the time I've already spent avoiding. it.  So now is where I'm supposed to tell you I've had a revelation and am living my life differently... right?  Well that's not quite the case.  I still like procrastinating - in fact you could say I embrace it.  So pass the chocolate/wine/coffee and I'll procrastinate a little longer until inspiration hits.